Lynette Brasfield , novelist, ghostwriter, writer

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Author of the award-winning NATURE LESSONS: A NOVEL (St. Martin’s Press, NY, 2003), a cross between a memoir and a mystery inspired by her experiences growing up in South Africa, Lynette Brasfield is also a former public relations executive and journalist.

Publishers Weekly praises her novel as “thought-provoking…complex and intriguing” and Booklist describes it as “a gripping first novel…part mystery, part dark family comedy, and part harsh political realism.”

Lynette is currently finishing a literary mystery entitled A CONFUSION OF STARS, which author Caroline Leavitt calls “masterfully done--moving, funny, and heartbreaking.”


Tell the Story of Your Lifetime

Lynette offers ghostwriting services for individuals whose unique lives beg to be recorded in memoir form, and for families who wish to preserve their stories for generations to come.

Find New Clients

She ghostwrites nonfiction books for professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and business executives to use both as marketing tools and a celebration of their personal achievements.


Prepare Your Work for Publication

A former Board member of Mystery Writers of America and member of the Authors’ Guild, Lynette has taught fiction in private workshops and at Cal State Fullerton. She edits manuscripts, several of which have been published by traditional presses. She also writes articles and speaks about writers and the art of writing.


Nature Lessons