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Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Your Memoir: Take charge of your Legacy

Ghostwriter Lynette Brasfield will capture the essence of your life, a biography of you, for future generations of your family to cherish. She’s organized, creative, and a quick study, someone who delights in hearing about your experiences and writing about them in lively, readable prose.

Family Histories: Give the Gift of his, her, or their Lifetime

Family histories, biographies, or ghostwritten memoirs make wonderful gifts for spouses or parents who would love to see their stories professionally written for their children, and their children’s children, to cherish.

Non-Fiction: Celebrate your professional achievements

Lynette is available to ghostwrite nonfiction books on a variety of subjects, including travel, healthcare, psychology, and local and natural history.

Professionals such as lawyers, doctors and businessmen can use such books as marketing tools to gain new clients, as well as a way to celebrate their achievements.

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Lynette answers Questions about the Ghostwriting Process

Who gets the credit for the book?

As a ghostwriter, I am happy to remain a ghost and will maintain complete confidentiality should you wish me to remain anonymous. Some people prefer to acknowledge the help of the ghost as a collaborator. Either way is fine with me.

How does the process work?

We have a one-hour in-person discussion about your vision and goals for the book, and decide if we are both comfortable spending time talking and sharing information over the next several months or so. This initial consultation is free.

If we agree to proceed, we sign a contract and begin scheduling meetings—plus we’ll discuss which friends, family members, and professional colleagues might be willing to be interviewed to round out your story.

In the meantime, you gather as much information as you can for me, including diaries, journals, videos, newspaper clippings, letters, and other relevant material. I begin writing and maintain at least weekly contact with you as the project evolves.

How much does it cost?

Because each project is as unique as the person involved, my fees depend on the complexity and length of the manuscript and the number of hours of interviews that will be required to translate your life into a great memoir. Please visit the Fees page to get a sense of how much your project might cost.

For an additional fee, I'll help you write an agent query letter and/or coordinate your book's publication.

I feel that my memoir would be publishable because my experiences are unique. Would you write it on spec if we shared the profits?

If your memoir turns out to have wide appeal beyond your friends and family, I will help you write a query letter to find an agent, but I don't write on spec given the uncertainty of the publishing marketplace.

What is the finished product?

I provide you with the agreed-upon manuscript, the “book of your life,” and for an additional fee, I can coordinate the production of copies through a self-publisher, or you can choose to take that route yourself.

Why should I hire you rather than someone else?

I’m a proven, published author and novelist who knows how to employ writing techniques to make your story sing. My public relations and journalism background taught me interviewing skills and how to write in a way that reflects the voice of my interview subject. I’m honestly interested in people who have the guts, candor and joie de vivre necessary to embark on a project of this kind. I have plenty of references with regard to my trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility, as well as contacts in the publishing world.

Please read the articles "Renaissance on the River", "What's Your Story?", and "Masters of Suspense" - among other published in Orange Coast Magazine - to get a sense of my writing skills. Of course, as your ghostwriter, I'll adapt my writing to echo your voice.

Where else can I find information on ghostwriters?

Check the Internet. Here are useful sources of information:

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