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NATURE LESSONS: A Novel (St. Martin’s Press, NY, 2003)

Nature Lessons, soft cover
soft cover edition

More than the story of a relationship between a mother and a daughter through turbulent political and personal times, NATURE LESSONS is a wry reflection on love and loss and guilt, and the unique perspective each of us brings to the universe. As one of the novel’s Zulu characters, Prudence Tshabalala, says, “What we see depends on who we are.”

The novel, which reads like a cross between a memoir and a mystery, was inspired by events that took place during Lynette’s childhood in South Africa, and grew out of her first published short story, Suits and Spines and Spikes.

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Nature Lessons, hardback
hardcover edition

[A] thought-provoking debut novel, its story framed against both pre- and post-apartheid politics … Kate Jensen proves to be a wry, engaging narrator … complex and intriguing.

Publishers Weekly

Part mystery, part dark family comedy, and part harsh political realism, this gripping first novel weaves together Kate's teenage story and her present midlife crisis in clear, alternating narratives.


Nature Lessons is a striking debut. Lynette Brasfield movingly explores the weight of love between a mother and daughter and the complex legacy it leaves behind. Set against the turbulent backdrop of South Africa, the novel is both illuminating and absorbing.

—Gail Tsukiyama, author of Dreaming Water and The Samurai's Garden

A joy to read—a compelling story told with an uncompromising eye.

—Bret Lott, author of Jewel

Poignant, funny, beautifully written.

—Mark Mathabane, author of Kaffir Boy, a memoir about growing up black in apartheid-era South Africa

Coming Soon...

Lynette is presently completing her second book, a literary mystery entitled A CONFUSION OF STARS, which award-winning author Caroline Leavitt calls “masterfully done--moving, funny, and heartbreaking.”